July 23, 2017

HPTLC Test Method Of Damiana Extract

Botanical Sample Name: Damiana Extract
Plant part: Leaf
Botanical Sample Packaging: Clear reclosable plastic bottle
Form of Botanical: Fine powder
Appearance: Brown yellow
Botanical Reference: Turnera diffusa, Origin: Middle north American, Lane 1 (2μL)
Botanical Sample: Lane 2, 3 (2μL, 1μL)
Botanical Reference Prep: 10.0 g+20 mL EtOAc Sonicate/heat@~50°C~1/2 hr
Botanical Sample Prep: 2.0 g+20 mL EtOAc Sonicate/heat@~50°C~1/2 hr
Stationary Phase:  Silica gel 60, F254 10×20 cm HPTLC plate [Merck Part#:1.05642.0001, LOT#: HX56026042]
Mobile Phase: n-hexane: EtOAc = 4: 1, V / V
Detection: 10% KOH Methanol solution @ 365nm
Reference Source: HES-016

HPTLC Of Damiana ExtractHPTLC Of Damiana Extract

Comments & Conclusions:
Yellow line = sample origin @ 10mm, red line = solvent front @90mm. Lane 2, 3 are the test sample.
Lane 1 are the authenticated reference sample used for comparison.
This test sample, Damiana ext.(Lot#: 160308), match all characteristic bands, which belong to Turnera diffusa.
This test sample, Damiana ext. (Lot#: 160308), possess characteristic of Turnera diffusa leaf and establish its phytochemical identity of Turnera diffusa leaf.

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