March 29, 2019

Synephrine hcl powder

Synephrine HCL

Brief Introduction

Synephrine HCL is a popular ingredient commonly found in weight loss supplements.

Its popularity increased after the use of ephedrine was banned in the United States.

Synephrine has become one of the top ingredients found in dietary supplements.

Detailed Product Description

1. Product name: Synephrine HCL
2. Active ingredient: Synephrine HCL
3. Botanical source: Citrus aurantium L.
4. Biogenic origin: Wild in central and southern China
5. CAS NO.: 5985-28-4
6. Specification: 98% Synephrine HCL
7. Molecular formula: C9H13NO2.HCL
8. Molecular Weight: 203.66
9. Characters: White crystalline powder
10. Solubility: Soluble in chloroform, ethanol, etc.; slightly soluble in water.
11. Usage: Commonly used for weight loss

Main Functions

Synephrine is one of the adrenergic amines that stimulates the beta-3 receptors with minimal impact on the other receptor sites.
This functions to increase the metabolic rate without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.
Synephrine releases adrenaline and noradrenaline only in the beta-3 receptor sites (mostly adipose tissue and the liver). Stimulation of the beta-3 receptor sites elicits the breakdown of lipolysis (fat).
Synephrine is used to activate the adrenaline system without the stimulatory effect posed by ephedra-based products.

Packing &Storage Condition

Storage: Store in cool & dry place, Keep away from strong light and heat.
Shelflife: 24 months properly stored.
Packing: 25/kg paper drum and two plastic-bags inside

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