HERBSENS development centers, analytical testing center is located in Yanta District Xijing Industrial Park, with GMP, QS standard is completed. The Centre has qualified high-tech hardware detection team, responsible for raw materials, finished and semi-finished products inspection and quality control.
Our R&D stuff will do the following works for you, separating and purificating the active ingredient of plant, we also can have Bio-Technology on selection and improvement of botanical resources development of natural products directly targeting consumers and evaluation on Safety of Natural Ingredients.
R&D Center is the cradle of innovation,we vigorously develop the R&D Center,just want to give you products best and latest. Good documentation ensures every step of manufacture is traceable. Products are randomly chosen for periodical testing to keep the consistence of every batch of products.
All our products are manufactured to exacting specifications in affiliated, internationally certified GMP or equivalent laboratories, which meet or exceed some of the strictest standards in the world.