July 26, 2017

Determination of Monacolin-k In Red yeast rice

Determination of Monacolin-k In Red Yeast Rice Extract

Sample preparation:

Weigh accurately400.0mg~600.0mg(W2) of test sample to previously dried 50ml volumetric flask add 30ml 75%methanol,dissolve and sonicate for 50mins at room temperature,add 75%methanol to close the scale,sonicate for 10mins ,After cool at room temperature,add 75%methanol to the scale,At 3500 r/min rotation speed centrifuge for 10 min.Take that the supernatant fluid 0.45um microporous membrane filtration.

Standard Preparation:

Weigh accurately 4mg of Monacolin-k to the previously dried 100ml volumetric flask by 0.2 mol/L sodium hydroxide, sonicate for 1 h in 50℃ , cool at room temperature and putting 1 h.

HPLC Conditions:

Column:                C18  250mm×4.6mm

Flow rate:               1.0 mL/min

Detection:               238 nm

Injection Volume:         20μl

Mobile phase:   Methanol: water: phosphate = 385-385:0.14 (volume fraction)

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